The Sixth Doctor

the Cat who walks by himself

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He is the Cat that walks by himself
and all places are alike to him,
and if you look out at nights you can see him waving his wild tail and walking by his wild lone---
just the same as before.

This is the place for fans of the Sixth Doctor. I know you're out there! Our group may be small (unlike the good Doctor himself) but we wear loud clothes so people notice us have a lot of fun! Please, share anything related to the Sixth Doctor and/or Colin Baker.

Icons: We love 'em! If posting more than three, please post the rest behind a cut. (Fake cuts are perfectly fine.) If you're posting any other art, please post behind a cut, as well.

Fiction: Fan fiction is definitely welcome and encouraged! Again, put it behind a cut if more than a drabble. Include rating, length, and characters involved. Het, Slash, and Gen are all welcome. Please, no RPF. A (relatively) current masterlist of Sixfic can be found here.

Colin writes a weekly column for the Bucks Free Press, which you can read here or by subscribing to colin_baker_bbc. Discussion of his most recent editorial is always welcome, but please try to keep it civilized.

All the entries are archived in the memories, so feel free to browse through them.

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Remember, He is The Doctor ... whether we like it or not!

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