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emaline5678 [userpic]
The Sixth Doctor Revisited
by emaline5678 (emaline5678)
at June 29th, 2013 (11:09 pm)

Just watched BBC America's Sixth Doctor Revisited salute. It was done fairly well, I thought. No mention of the messing hiatus or firing. Lots of talk (and clips) from his first story. Lots of mentions about fixing the chamelion circuit in "Attack of the Cyberman". Also, they talked about Mel quite about when discussing Six's companions. I thought that was a bit odd, Mel was only with him for such a short time. Plus, the only real villians they talked about were Sil from "Vengance at Varos", the Sontarons (which were better with Three and Four) and the Time Lords. Where was the Rani?! Or even the Master lurking as a scarecrow?! Not even a shout-out to the Valeyard!

Otherwise, it was nice to see all the clips and photos and a nice salute by current Who staff.